This Month in PLM

Hosted ByRobert Syfert and Joseph Taylor

At Property List Manager, we love answering questions and keeping our members in the loop. Each month, Robert Syfert and Joseph Taylor host a live webinar do to just that.

This Week in PLM – June 6th, 2018


Updates to System This Week

  1. Additional 6 Letter fulfillment options.
  2. Addition of Email Append to fulfillment options.

Topics to Touch On

  1. Phone Type Options/Phone Fields Proposed System Changes.
  2. Modern Real Estate Investor Podcast Network.

Short Term Road Map Items in Final Testing

  1. Addition of Phone Append to fulfillment options
  2. Addition of National DNC scrubbing to fulfillment options.
  3. Enhancement of Fulfillment UI/UX.

Short Term Road Map Items Currently in Development

  1. Parent/Child Lists
  2. Ability to Merge Lists
  3. Query Builder