This Month in PLM – July 2019

Monthly Advanced Strategy Live Webinar Show Notes

Welcome to our latest episode where Real Estate Investors stay up to date on the latest news and changes taking place in the world of List Management, List Stack Filtering and features within their Property List Manager service.

With your hosts Robert Syfert and Joseph Taylor.

In this episode we discussed;

02:47    Basics

  • Chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen lets you communicate with the Member Support Team
  • Watch the monthly replays on your dashboard
  • View Training Videos and Webinar Replays in the Support Section
  • Integrations in the Account Section

18:09     Can you see every list a property address is on?


21:04     How to delete a list from a specific property record VS from the Entire PLM Database

“If a property address in on ONLY one list and you delete that list, the property record would be deleted as well.”

“If you are on a specific record that you want to remove information from, you click “delete” and it is deleted from that specific properties result.”

“If you went to “Manage Lists, you have the ability to delete a list name from the entire database everywhere.”

24:44     Filtering Options – Comparing different lists against each other; Grabbing recent lists and adding a vacancy component

27:44     Filtering Options – List Count – Discovering who’s on two or more lists

31:19     Using Ninja Mode          

33:35     Filtering Options – List Count + Other Filter Options; Saving Filters

“All ‘absentee owner’ means is that property address and mailing address don’t match.”

38:24     Search Actions

  • Add Mailer Tag
  • Export to Excel
  • Fulfillment
    • One-click order your mail; top-performing postcards and letters.
    • Skip tracing (per search)
    • Phone append
    • Email append
    • Both Email & Phone Append
    • “Do not Call” DNC Phone scrubbing
  • Select Existing List
  • Create New List
  • Opt-Out
  • Delete

43:05     Is there an easy way to add a specific list to one record without having to upload a new list template with that one record? If they each have different lists under them, is it a pain to combine them?

46:00    Vacancy vs Absentee

“Vacancy is saying that the property address itself has been flagged vacant by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Absentee simply means that the property address and mailing address are different.”

49:19     Where does the Date Stamp show?

“The Ninja mode is where you are able to take advantage of the date stamps for searching.”

50:30     Does the system remove the vacancy flag when the property gets occupied?


 What about the mailer tag? [59:27]

 “No. We cannot automatically remove your mailer tags because you created them.”

54:00    Caution When Exporting Addresses from PLM to Outside Skip Tracer

Comment: User should caution when exporting addresses from PLM and sending to their Skip Tracer because the output file from the skip tracer doesn’t exactly match with apartment number data coming back to PLM

I typically have to manipulate the columns from Skip Tracer.

“If you are using an outside skip trace result, know that they may change your data.

Even though you exported it from PLM, when you import it back and update it, it may create another record just because it has an apartment number now that it didn’t before.”

56:15    When you export to an outside skip tracer and the header columns come back different, which of the skip tracing headers is actually the mailing address vs the property address?

 “If you are exporting from us and you give that data to an outside Skip Tracer, when they give you that data back, it is likely not formatted the same as the way you originally gave it to them.

 Before you import it, make sure you format it the same as the way you exported. Or else you might change your results within your system based on that.”

57:45    The issue of “duplicate addresses” and unvalidated address

01:01:40    Parent vs Child Lists

Comment: When stacking the lists, we try to make sure that the lists are not related.

Parent list – What is the main pain point e.g. Probate, Foreclosure, Vacancy, Absentee, Code Violation, Tax-Delinquent, Water Shutoff.

“Child lists are never searchable. They are just a way to map it differently because you got it from a different source.”

01:07:00    I need lists

 We don’t provide lists. However, go do a search on the Facebook Group. Joseph gave all of his most updated slides from the May boot camp.


“If you’re going to fulfill and you are looking for phone numbers, start with “phone append’. It is the cheapest, quickest data. And it is 100% accurate. The difference is the hit rate you’re looking. If you search a 100, you will only get about 20 numbers. But it will only cost you 5 cents for each of the numbers found.”

 “Anything (in property and mailing address) that has a dash (-) and four numbers after it means it is a properly validated address according to United States Postal Service.”

 “You can find your vacancy recheck on your PLM dashboard.”