This Week in InvestorPO – May 30th, 2018


Updates to System This Week

  1. Chrome Extension – Updates
  2. Ability to Sort Columns in Logs.
  3. Additional Syncing Code for Podio Redundancy.
  4. SMS Pass-through.
  5. Email Pass-through.

Discussion of Short Term Road Map Items in Final Testing

  1. New Functionality for Follow-Up Messages.
    1. Drag n’ Drop UI – Full Control of Message Sequencing.
    2. Restart Messages on Campaign Change.
      1. If Contact Starts on Message 2
      2. If Lead Starts on Message 1
    3. Ability for Existing Contacts/Leads to Pick up Changes,
    4. Scheduled Resyncing of Follow-Up Messages No with Podio.
    5. If you select opt-out in either contact or lead it will shut off all messages.
    6. Update will restart follow-up messages from where Contact/Lead Sequence left off.