This Week in IPO

Hosted ByRobert Syfert & Doug Lewis

Each week, IPO members are treated to a live webinar with CEO Robert Syfert and CTO Doug Lewis. We keep you up to date on news and changes at InvestorPO.

This Week in InvestorPO – June 6th, 2018


Updates to System This Week

  1. Ability to Manage Expenses in the InvestorPO Panel.
  2. Ability to Manage Seller Agreement Email in the InvestorPO Panel.

Topics Touched On

  1. Modern Real Estate Investor Podcast Network.
  2. Free On-boarding Call for all Members.
  3. Two Free Integrations with Package.

Discussion of Short Term Road Map Items in Final Testing

  1. New Functionality for Follow-Up Messages.
  2. Separate Agreement Seller Emails for Pre and Post Inspection Agreements.
  3. InvestorPO API with Zapier Capability
  4. Task Manager and InvestorPO Controllable Notifications.
  5. Enhancements to KPI Reporting.
  6. Update cheat sheets to reflect new features.
  7. Update training videos to reflect new features.