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The Modern Real Estate Investor is a no B.S. show, empowering real estate investors to create real change and real wealth in their real estate business. Host Robert Syfert, founder of InvestorPO and USA Portfolio Real Estate, has spent years learning the ins and outs of real estate investing. He loves sharing his knowledge (and secrets!) with fellow investors to help them create the perfect life and business.

Episode 2 – Finding Balance

In this episode of Modern Real Estate Investor, Robert Syfert asks if a work-life balance actually exists and why people can’t just be happy?  We learn that Robert actually works MORE because of real estate and we find out why he completely loses track of time.  Then, Robert discusses how to counterbalance your life, what ‘focused time’ means, and why everyone needs to think about revenue generating activities.  Later, we discover the tactic Robert uses to maintain his own balance.

Enjoy the show!


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Show Notes:

  • The One Thing: Chapter 8 – Balance is a Bunk 00:01:20
  • Why Robert thinks work-life balance does not exist 00:05:10
  • Finding the harmony in your life 00:07:10
  • Ways to counterbalance 00:09:00
  • What focused time means 00:11:10
  • Revenue generating activities and the revenue in your life 00:13:00
  • Learn to be okay with being out of balance, life is a juggling act 00:17:00
  • Keep track of your two balance buckets: personal life and work life 00:19:45
  • The tactic Robert uses to maintain balance 00:23:30
  • How Robert starts his mornings with the core four 00:25:45

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