REI Tech Today

Hosted ByDoug Lewis

Learn all about the latest technologies available to help you as a real estate investor. No more spending money on things that don’t get used, no more wondering what technology is right for you, and no more being outdone by the competition!

Real estate investing, like most industries, continues to be revolutionized by technology. You have two choices: either adapt, or be left behind.

Not only does tech make real estate investing easier through automation, but it also lets us stand out from the competition. The problem is, many investors simply don’t understand technology enough to make informed decisions. That’s where REI Tech Today comes in!

Join host Doug Lewis to learn about the technology and online marketing solutions will truly help your business grow.

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REI Tech Today – Episode 1

This episode we covered the GDPR and what it means to Real Estate Investors, Does Google’s Duplex violate two-party consent laws, The Releases of iOS 11.4 and How to turn on Messages in iCloud, Marketing Tip of the Week – Retargeting and Remarketing Ads and our App of the Week – SlyBroadcast App