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The Modern Real Estate Investor

Hosted ByRobert Syfert

The Modern Real Estate Investor is a no B.S. show, empowering real estate investors to create real change and real wealth in their real estate business. Host Robert Syfert, founder of InvestorPO and USA Portfolio Real Estate, has spent years learning the ins and outs of real estate investing. He loves sharing his knowledge (and secrets!) with fellow investors to help them create the perfect life and business.

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REI Tech Today

Hosted ByDoug Lewis

Learn all about the latest technologies available to help you as a real estate investor. No more spending money on things that don’t get used, no more wondering what technology is right for you, and no more being outdone by the competition!

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This Week in IPO

Hosted ByRobert Syfert & Doug Lewis

Each week, IPO members are treated to a live webinar with CEO Robert Syfert and CTO Doug Lewis. We keep you up to date on news and changes at InvestorPO.

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This Month in PLM

Hosted ByRobert Syfert and Joseph Taylor

At Property List Manager, we love answering questions and keeping our members in the loop. Each month, Robert Syfert and Joseph Taylor host a live webinar do to just that.

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